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—————- In anticipation of her biggest day in court yet, Laura DeCrescenzo and her attorneys hit the Church of Scientology with 928 pages of new filings —————- Details from 18,000 pages of evidence show how Scientology manipulated a child to keep her working under slave-like conditions —————- A key document describing DeCrescenzo’s unwillingness to have her coerced abortion is missing from the evidence Scientology was ordered to produce By Tony Ortega Wednesday afternoon, Laura DeCrescenzo filed explosive new information in her four-year legal odyssey against the Church of Scientology, submitting 928 pages of new declarations and exhibits in anticipation of a crucial October 23 hearing in her lawsuit against the church which alleges abuse, including allegations that she was forced to have an abortion at only 17 years of age. Key to the new filings is information gleaned from thousands of pages of previously secret files that the church fought mightily to keep under wraps. But on Monday, the U.

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Jonny Jacobsen reviews the new Scientology memoir by Hungarian writer Peter Bonyai

Our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen, is back with another great piece — this time, a lengthy review of the newest book recounting the journey into and out of the Church of Scientology.

Underground Bunker regulars will recall that Hungarian ex-Scientology member Peter Bonyai (pictured, right) helped us out with a story in [...]

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Scientology yesterday and today: Reports from Mark Bunker and Dennis Erlich

Filmmaker Mark Bunker was dubbed “Wise Beard Man” by the Anonymous movement in 2008. We’ve been reading Mark’s observations about Scientology since the late 1990s, and we’re eagerly awaiting his documentary about Scientology, “Knowledge Report.”

Bunker’s recent return to Clearwater to live has us very intrigued. He told us he was going to approach the [...]

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Chris Shelton explains why Scientology is in a management death spiral

We’ve really enjoyed the explanatory videos put together by Chris Shelton, a former Scientology Sea Org worker who left the church only recently.

We’re happy to premiere his newest effort, a lengthy but fascinating look at Scientology’s management — how it’s supposed to work, and why it isn’t.

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After a year’s delay, Mary Sue Hubbard’s house is on the market for $2.5 million

  We want to thank LA Curbed for so generously crediting the Underground Bunker with our scoop last year about Mary Sue Hubbard’s Los Feliz house. After a year’s delay, it’s on the market for the price we said it would be listed at, a cool 2.5 million clams!

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Mark Bunker: Clearwater is being pressured to knuckle under to Scientology (again)

The Underground Bunker is thrilled to debut a short film made by Mark Bunker that should shake up some people in Clearwater, Florida.

We’d read the reports by the Tampa Bay Times that the city had recently paid consultants at the Urban Land Institute $125,000 to help Clearwater plot a new course of redevelopment, and [...]

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Maybe the saddest Scientology promo video ever, and a history lesson from Mark Bunker!

We have a potent set of videos for you today. First, we’re going to show you the very latest Scientology promotional message that’s been smuggled out to us. Then we’re going to go back in time thanks to filmmaker Mark Bunker.

To begin, wasn’t it just the other day that we remarked how Scientology seems [...]

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Mareka Brousseau compares growing up in Scientology to The Hunger Games

We’ve talked to Mareka Brousseau numerous times for stories at the Village Voice and the Underground Bunker. And she was a key character in John Sweeney’s 2010 BBC special, The Secrets of Scientology. And now Jeffrey Augustine has given us a treat and interviewed Mareka at length for the Surviving Scientology podcast.

It’s really eye-opening [...]

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Hana Whitfield: What it’s like to be stalked by Scientology

Mark Bunker has shared with us another excerpt from the video interviews he’s been collecting for his upcoming documentary, Knowledge Report.

In this clip, he interviews Hana Eltringham Whitfield about what it’s like to be the target of “Fair Game” — Scientology’s notorious retaliation efforts coordinated by its Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which [...]

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LIVE BLOG: The Elli Perkins story tonight on the ID Network, ‘The Scientology Cure’

Please join us tonight as we watch a dramatization of one of the most disturbing Scientology deaths, the 2003 murder of Elli Perkins by her own son, Jeremy.

Several months ago, the ID Network interviewed your proprietor for the show, and tonight we’ll get a chance to see the result. ID previously did a really [...]

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More trouble for Scientology fundraising and recruitment in Europe

For today’s story, we turned to our helpful translators again for assistance with another article from the German press.

This item appeared in the weekly publication Kontext and provided some interesting history of Scientology in Stuttgart, saying that the local Scientologists have actually been “on the sidelines” as plans to replace a drab, poorly situated [...]

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