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NEW TODAY: Memoir with shocking claims by notorious Scientology spy, Merrell Vannier

There was a time when coming out with a book about Scientology meant almost certain litigation and harassment. From 1970 (George Malko, Scientology: The Now Religion) to 1990 (Jon Atack, A Piece of Blue Sky), and those in between — Paulette Cooper (1971), Cyril Vosper (1971), Robert Kaufman (1972), Roy Wallis (1976), Russell Miller (1987), […]

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Gerry Armstrong’s full 1997 ‘Secret Lives’ interview about L. Ron Hubbard

We have a special treat for you today. It’s another full interview leaked for the first time from Channel 4’s excellent 1997 documentary, Secret Lives — L. Ron Hubbard, and this time with Gerry Armstrong, who is probably very well known to most readers of this website.

The documentary is one of the better ones […]

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Can you help solve this odd Scientology financial mystery?

We’re calling on the super-sleuths who frequent the Underground Bunker to help us out in an intriguing little mystery.

It involves a large payment to one of Scientology’s key entities, and in a manner that seems to defy explanation.

Here’s the background. About a year and a half ago, a man named Jonathan Ramsay inquired […]

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When Scientology was pouring on the ‘religious’ angle very thick: A video mystery

Jonny Jacobsen, our man in Paris, sent over a fun item today. We’ll let him explain what it is.

I stumbled across this 20-minute reportage on Scientology, shot mainly at their Saint Hill base and broadcast in January 1972 on French television.

This two-minute extract introduces you to a number of people occupying important positions […]

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The paranoid, depressed L. Ron Hubbard: Jim Dincalci’s 1997 ‘Secret Lives’ TV interview

We have another uncut interview leaked for the first time from Channel 4’s excellent 1997 documentary, Secret Lives — L. Ron Hubbard, this time with Hubbard’s former medical officer, Jim Dincalci.

The documentary is one of the better ones made about Scientology, and it contains numerous short clips of people who knew Hubbard. A […]

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An L. Ron Hubbard island fantasy: The Scientology daydream you haven’t heard

On Tuesday, we told you about new FDA documents which helped us fill in some gaps in Scientology history. The documents took us back to late 1957, when L. Ron Hubbard hatched a scheme to force the country’s psychiatrists and psychologists to take a “loyalty oath” he’d dreamed up, with hopes of rooting out disloyal […]

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Scientology vs. the mayor: The full Gabe Cazares interview from 1997’s Secret Lives

We have another leak of raw footage from Channel 4’s excellent 1997 documentary, Secret Lives — L. Ron Hubbard, this time with former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares.

The film, one of the better ones made about Scientology, contained numerous short clips from interviews of people who knew Hubbard. A source is releasing to us the […]

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Another Secret Lives leak: L. Ron Hubbard enjoyed humiliating people under hypnosis

While we’ve been bowled over by the response to Alex Gibney’s film ‘Going Clear’ — and it’s only going to get more intense as its HBO air date of March 16 nears — we’re still in the process here at the Underground Bunker of releasing rare video from another Scientology documentary altogether.

Today, we have […]

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How Scientologists are dealing with the buzz around Alex Gibney’s ‘Going Clear’

One of our sources, who has connections both among Church of Scientology members and those who have been expelled from the organization, thought we would like to see how people on the inside are talking about Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear.

So far, there have only been two public screenings of the film, so only […]

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Scientology secrets in government docs: Did the feds have a chance to stop ‘Snow White’?

Wow, it’s been fun to hang out at the Sundance Film Festival and be a part of the Going Clear screenings. We’re certain there will be plenty more to come about the movie and Scientology’s hamfisted attempts to smear it.

But for now we need to get back to the regular work of this […]

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