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VIDEO LEAK: Scientology’s New Year’s Eve 2006, when Leah Remini was still a front-row celeb!

  Our video source came through with another gem for us. Prepare for a trip down recent Scientology history as we present, in its entirety, the New Year’s Eve event which welcomed in the year 2006! Not only will you get to marvel at Captain David Miscavige as he gushes about the successes of […]

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‘Going Clear’ Q&A: Mike Rinder and Sara Goldberg take heat from Scientologists

  Last night, Alex Gibney’s documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, began a theatrical run at the Muvico 10 in Palm Harbor, Florida, just a few miles from Scientology’s own “spiritual mecca” in Clearwater. And after the 7 pm showing, two of the people who appear in the film, former Scientologists Sara Goldberg and Mike […]

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Scientology’s showdown in Belgium: Here’s our plan to cover an epic battle

[Jonny Jacobsen and your proprietor in Paris at the end of July]

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, is one of the most thorough, accurate, and dogged reporters we know. And it excites us to no end that he’s going to be covering an upcoming Scientology trial in Brussels that should be explosive. Like us, […]

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Visualizing Scientology’s latest ‘Going Clear’ public relations disaster

  As former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder pointed out yesterday, Scientology’s attempt to frighten a Clearwater, Florida movie theater out of showing Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear only ended up with straight up and vertical expansion: Now two theaters in the area will be showing the movie.

If that doesn’t sum up Scientology PR, […]

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L. Ron Hubbard, would-be conqueror: Scientology’s fable about Rhodesia is a riot

  We’re grateful to our source who has been supplying us rare looks at the Maiden Voyage celebration of 2006. As we’ve said previously, these videos are exceedingly tough to find, and it has been illuminating to see David Miscavige lead his “OT Summit” on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, over successive nights […]

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Surreal encounter at Scientology’s secretive Int Base shows up in Danish documentary

  Last December, we brought you some pretty bizarre footage. It was shot by Marc Headley, who was visiting Scientology’s secretive Int Base near Hemet, California with a Danish film crew making a documentary about a Danish former Scientologist, Robert Dam.

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Another rare Scientology video leaks, and this time we see its long vanished president

  Your proprietor is a bit under the weather, and we’re traveling, but we didn’t want to leave you without something to chew on today. Luckily our source came through again and pointed us in the direction of yet another Scientology video gem that has previously been unseen outside of the church.

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‘Going Clear’ wins Outstanding Documentary Emmy, also for writing, directing

The “Creative Arts Emmys” are being held today at Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, and we’re looking forward to finding out how many trophies Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary Going Clear takes home.

It has some stiff competition — some of it from its own network, HBO — and the event won’t be televised for […]

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David Miscavige: Scientology saved the universe from its ‘reverse point’ in 2006

Captain David Miscavige is back! On Sunday, we showed you rare footage of what a Scientology “Maiden Voyage” event looks like inside the church’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds. We had located video of the opening night presentation by Miscavige in the 2006 edition of the celebration. And now, we’ve struck gold again — […]

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More proof (from Scientology) that it’s never been a better time to be a Scientologist!

  We hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. We combined our holiday with a little work, and the whole thing left us exhausted. But thankfully, our friend Karen de la Carriere came through for us yet again.

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