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—————- In anticipation of her biggest day in court yet, Laura DeCrescenzo and her attorneys hit the Church of Scientology with 928 pages of new filings —————- Details from 18,000 pages of evidence show how Scientology manipulated a child to keep her working under slave-like conditions —————- A key document describing DeCrescenzo’s unwillingness to have her coerced abortion is missing from the evidence Scientology was ordered to produce By Tony Ortega Wednesday afternoon, Laura DeCrescenzo filed explosive new information in her four-year legal odyssey against the Church of Scientology, submitting 928 pages of new declarations and exhibits in anticipation of a crucial October 23 hearing in her lawsuit against the church which alleges abuse, including allegations that she was forced to have an abortion at only 17 years of age. Key to the new filings is information gleaned from thousands of pages of previously secret files that the church fought mightily to keep under wraps. But on Monday, the U.

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Scientology’s fight with Ryan Hamilton delivers dox: The Eric Tenorio affidavit and more

Eric Tenorio

With lawsuits and criminal investigations multiplying across the country, Scientology’s legal corps is busier than ever. We’re waiting to hear about possible grand jury indictments for insurance fraud at Scientology’s drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Also in that state, we’re watching a massive lawsuit that accuses the church of a conspiracy to dupe [...]

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Scientology surrenders — at least partially — in seven lawsuits against its rehab network

Ryan Hamilton

Here at the Underground Bunker, we’ve been keeping a close watch on Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton, who has filed eighteen lawsuits since January against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. Hamilton accuses Narconon of running a deceptive operation that promises drug counseling but instead subjects patients to Scientology training. In each case, Hamilton [...]

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Garcia federal fraud lawsuit survives another challenge by Scientology

Luis and Rocio Garcia’s federal fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology has survived another challenge as Judge James Whittemore denied the church’s latest motion to dismiss.

The Garcias say they were defrauded by Scientology when it pressured them to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in building projects, but since their lawsuit was first [...]

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French prosecutors investigating claims that a company forced Scientology on workers

Jonny Jacobsen

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, jumped into action after news broke this week of another possible Scientology prosecution in France. Here’s his report…

  French prosecutors are investigating a complaint filed by 12 employees of a building firm who say their employer forced them to take part in Scientology courses.

The case [...]

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A lawsuit over counseling credentials now aims at the essence of Scientology

We have a few legal updates for you, and they involve the lawsuit filed by the National Association of Forensic Counselors against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, many of its employees, and Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige, as well.

A total of 82 defendants are scrambling to deal with the lawsuit, which alleges that they conspired [...]

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Texas appeals court gets Scientology leader David Miscavige out of testifying in harassment lawsuit

The Texas Third Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court’s order for Scientology leader David Miscavige to be deposed in one phase of Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit against the church.

The appeals panel decided that Comal County Judge Dib Waldrip had abused his discretion when he agreed with Monique’s legal team that in order [...]

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Scientology accused of financial sleight of hand to avoid paying in human slavery lawsuit

In April, we told you the story of how Scientology had found itself tangled up in one of the most remarkable human slavery lawsuits ever adjudicated in the United States.

In 2008, three Cuban men won an $80 million judgment against the CuraƧao Drydock Company after they escaped years of what they said were harrowing [...]

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Ken Dandar could use a cool million in his fight against Scientology

The last time we spoke with Florida attorney Ken Dandar, he had put on a brave face about what appeared to be another setback in court. Federal Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington had refused, again, to intervene with a state court that had saddled Dandar with a $1 million judgment, payable to the Church of [...]

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Ryan Hamilton files lawsuit 16 against Scientology’s drug rehab network

He’s like a machine. Since late January, Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton has filed sixteen federal fraud lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network. The latest was filed this weekend, and we have the details.

In February of this year, Jerry Courson went looking for a suitable rehab program for his wife, Christy, and found himself [...]

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Scientology litigation update: The Garcias respond, and the NAFC plays hardball

Squirrel Busters Ed Bryan and Joanne Wheaton on a boat in a 2011 video we’d like to see again

We’re trying to stay on top of a lot of different litigation involving the Church of Scientology that’s happening around the country. We’re fortunate to have numerous tipsters and legal experts who help keep us up [...]

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