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—————- In anticipation of her biggest day in court yet, Laura DeCrescenzo and her attorneys hit the Church of Scientology with 928 pages of new filings —————- Details from 18,000 pages of evidence show how Scientology manipulated a child to keep her working under slave-like conditions —————- A key document describing DeCrescenzo’s unwillingness to have her coerced abortion is missing from the evidence Scientology was ordered to produce By Tony Ortega Wednesday afternoon, Laura DeCrescenzo filed explosive new information in her four-year legal odyssey against the Church of Scientology, submitting 928 pages of new declarations and exhibits in anticipation of a crucial October 23 hearing in her lawsuit against the church which alleges abuse, including allegations that she was forced to have an abortion at only 17 years of age. Key to the new filings is information gleaned from thousands of pages of previously secret files that the church fought mightily to keep under wraps. But on Monday, the U.

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Ryan Hamilton hit with setback as Narconon motion to dismiss prevails on some issues

Ryan Hamilton

Since January, we’ve been reporting on the 24 lawsuits filed by Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. And in that time, Hamilton’s batting average has been remarkably high — in some cases, defendants Narconon International and the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) have thrown in the [...]

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Scientology wants Mike Rinder’s affidavit struck from the record

A week ago, we told you that in their fraud lawsuit, Luis and Rocio Garcia had filed an affidavit by former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder to convince Tampa federal Judge James A. Whittemore that the church’s internal arbitration rules were a sham.

It turns out Scientology wasn’t very happy about that.

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Vance Woodward files motion to reconsider his dismissed lawsuit against Scientology

We’ll give him this — Vance Woodward is a fighter. The attorney, who spent more than 20 years in Scientology, then dropped out of it, wrote a book about his experiences in the church (which he later pulled from circulation), helped us read Dianetics cover to cover in one of our favorite series here at [...]

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Scientology leader David Miscavige gets in just under the wire in NAFC lawsuit

On September 23, we told you about the struggles of a process server who was trying to serve a lawsuit on Scientology leader David Miscavige. Despite the best efforts of the security guards at the Hollywood Guaranty Building to keep the process server from getting anywhere near Miscavige, he managed to succeed under California law [...]

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The Garcias answer Scientology’s ‘International Justice Chief’ with an affidavit by Mike Rinder

Last time we checked in on the federal fraud lawsuit brought by Luis and Rocio Garcia against the Church of Scientology, we told you about a rare appearance by the church’s “International Justice Chief,” Mike Ellis.

We explained that the IJC is something of a notorious figure in Scientology because he’s an excommunicated member’s only [...]

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Former Scientologist indicted in financial scheme that victimized other ex-church members

Frank Pate

On August 13, a man named Frank Pate was indicted on federal wire fraud charges in the Eastern District of Texas. According to Pate himself, who has written a short blog about his legal troubles, he was arrested in Phoenix on September 2 and arraigned in Texas later in the month. At the [...]

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Scientology’s ‘International Justice Chief’ surfaces for the Garcia lawsuit

The last time we checked in on the federal fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology filed by Luis and Rocio Garcia of Irvine, California, we told you that Judge James A. Whittemore had given Scientology a pretty good challenge.

Scientology wants Judge Whittemore to dismiss the lawsuit in favor of the Garcias being compelled [...]

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Vance Woodward’s lawsuit dismissed as judge grants Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motion

Vance Woodward

On Monday, Judge Michael Johnson of the Los Angeles Superior Court granted an anti-SLAPP motion and dismissed Vance Woodward’s lawsuit against the Church of Scientology.

Woodward filed his lawsuit in March, saying that he had been harmed by his years in Scientology and asked for money back that he gave for services that [...]

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Ryan Hamilton files two more federal lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton is still on a roll, filing his 23rd and 24th lawsuits this week against the Church of Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

Beginning in January, Hamilton has been filing lawsuits against the Narconon facilities in California, Nevada, and Colorado, and over that time we’ve seen him bolster his complaints with [...]

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Does a judge’s order in the Garcia fraud lawsuit suggest trouble for Scientology?

We’re still waiting for a major decision from Federal District Judge James A. Whittemore in Tampa that will determine if Scientology can dodge a fraud lawsuit by insisting its former members have to submit all grievances to its internal arbitration system rather than litigate in a civil court.

But in the meantime, Scientology asked, and [...]

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