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—————- In anticipation of her biggest day in court yet, Laura DeCrescenzo and her attorneys hit the Church of Scientology with 928 pages of new filings —————- Details from 18,000 pages of evidence show how Scientology manipulated a child to keep her working under slave-like conditions —————- A key document describing DeCrescenzo’s unwillingness to have her coerced abortion is missing from the evidence Scientology was ordered to produce By Tony Ortega Wednesday afternoon, Laura DeCrescenzo filed explosive new information in her four-year legal odyssey against the Church of Scientology, submitting 928 pages of new declarations and exhibits in anticipation of a crucial October 23 hearing in her lawsuit against the church which alleges abuse, including allegations that she was forced to have an abortion at only 17 years of age. Key to the new filings is information gleaned from thousands of pages of previously secret files that the church fought mightily to keep under wraps. But on Monday, the U.

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The Garcias take one more shot at Scientology before their fraud suit will live or die

We’ve been telling you that Luis and Rocio Garcia are nearing another important date in the life of their federal fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. They’ve asked to drop three Scientology entities as defendants in the case, and they’ve asked Judge James Whittemore permission to file an amended complaint (which they have submitted, [...]

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Convicted of fraud by France’s highest court, Scientology still pursues creative appeals

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, has another dispatch for us about developments with Scientology in France. Take it away, Jonny…

In the interest of tying up loose ends, here are a couple of items, both fall-out from France’s definitive conviction of Scientology for organised fraud last year.

The first deals with Scientology’s latest attempt [...]

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Scientology takes aim at the latest move by the Garcias in their federal fraud suit

More than a year ago, Luis and Rocio Garcia filed a federal fraud lawsuit against five Scientology corporate entities, alleging that while the Garcias were in the church, they were defrauded as they were constantly hit up for donations.

When the lawsuit was filed in January 2013, it seemed like a landmark case — many [...]

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Scientology litigation always has surprises: A new wrinkle from Narconon’s attorneys

We’ve been keeping an eye on Ryan Hamilton’s lawsuits against Scientology’s Narconon drug rehab facilities in part because they’re so thorough. The Las Vegas attorney has obviously done his homework, and in the complaints he’s filed, he lays out the history of Narconon and its many deceptions with detailed citations. With references to testimony in [...]

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Why is Scientology’s cruise ship caught up in a lawsuit about human slavery?

In 2005, two Cuban workers showed up in the town of Willemstad, on the island of CuraƧao in the Caribbean, and said they had escaped hellish conditions at a nearby drydock facility, where they’d been held for years. A third worker had made his own escape from the drydock a few months earlier.

One of [...]

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Appeals court: Would deposing Scientology’s leader violate Texas law?

Nick Rogers called us from Austin with a report of what happened today in the Texas Third Court of Appeals as three justices wrestled with the question of whether Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige should be deposed in Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit.

In December, Comal County judge Dib Waldrip ruled that Monique could depose [...]

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Monique Rathbun in court as appeals panel considers proposed David Miscavige deposition

Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, moves to a new venue today as oral arguments are heard at the Texas Third Court of Appeals in Austin.

We’ll have several observers on hand as the proceedings begin at 1:30 pm, local time. At issue today is Comal County [...]

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SHOCK DOX: Scientology’s 2011 book value for just two of its entities is $1.2 billion

The Underground Bunker has copies of some stunning documents that were just released by our old friend, Jeff “OTVIIIisgrrr8!” Augustine. They are 990-T returns for the 2011 tax year submitted by the Church of Scientology International and the Church of Spiritual Technology, and they show that CSI and CST — which are just two of [...]

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Florida attorney Ken Dandar hit with $1 million penalty for taking on Scientology

Ken Dandar

On March 17, retired Pinellas County, Florida circuit judge Crockett Farnell ordered attorney Ken Dandar to pay $1,068,156.50 to the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc.

FSO runs Scientology’s “spiritual mecca,” the Flag Land Base or “Flag” in Clearwater, Florida where, in 1995, a Scientologist from Dallas named Lisa McPherson died after [...]

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Scientology answers the Garcias — And turns over a trove of internal documents

Yesterday, we told you that Luis and Rocio Garcia had taken an interesting new direction in their federal fraud lawsuit against Scientology. After spending a few months gathering evidence about several Scientology entities, they decided to drop three Scientology trusts as defendants, and then requested the right to amend their original complaint.

They filed that [...]

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