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AUDIO: Full police interviews of Scientology spies and their stalking of Ron Miscavige Sr.

We’ve been hearing some brief segments of the police interviews of the Scientology spies who were arrested in Wisconsin in 2013. Now, we have the full interrogations of Dwyane and Daniel Powell, who were being paid $10,000 a week to stalk Ron Miscavige Sr by his son, Scientology leader David Miscavige.

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Scientology hit with another federal lawsuit over refunds — but with a twist

A new federal lawsuit was filed this week by former members of the Church of Scientology who are asking the organization to return money that they had put on account. John A. (pictured) and Mary Lou Dettmer of Avon, Indiana are suing Scientology’s Illinois branch after it refused to return $77,810 that the Dettmers had […]

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Is France dropping its anti-Scientology fervor because Tom Cruise is just too délicieux?

We have another report today from our man in Paris, British journalist Jonny Jacobsen. Recently, he wrote here about a Scientologist’s 2006 suicide in France that prosecutors were trying to pin on Scientology itself. But an inability to track down three key witnesses had jeopardized the state’s investigation. Later, at his own website, Jonny summarized […]

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Garcias ask for reconsideration on judge’s error: ‘We never agreed that Scientology is a religion’

On March 13, Tampa federal Judge James D. Whittemore granted the Church of Scientology’s motion to compel Luis and Rocio Garcia to submit to Scientology’s internal arbitration scheme, which essentially ended the Garcias’ lawsuit against the church. The Garcias, who live in Irvine, California, had sued the church for fraud, contending that donations they’d given […]

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Read the police report on the spies who kept tabs on the father of Scientology’s leader

We have it, Underground Bunker readers, and now we want your help combing through the documents. We have the police report of Dwayne Powell, who was stopped with his son Daniel during an operation to spy on Ron Miscavige Sr, father to Scientology leader David Miscavige (pictured).

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‘Let him die': Scientology leader David Miscavige had private eyes watching his father, say police

SEE ALSO: Jenna Miscavige Hill on her uncle spying on her father: The arrogance is astonishing SEE ALSO: Read the police report on the spies who kept tabs on the father of Scientology’s leader

Los Angeles Times reporter Kim Christensen landed a bombshell Wednesday night with his story about a police report which shows […]

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Can you help French prosecutors find these witnesses to the death of a Scientologist?

Our man in Paris, journalist Jonny Jacobsen, has a fascinating piece for us today. We’ll let him explain…

A judge investigating the 2006 suicide of a Scientologist in France may finally close the case because police have not been able to track down key witnesses. Officers have been looking into the death of 47-year-old […]

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Judge James D. Whittemore

Federal Judge James D. Whittemore ended the Luis and Rocio Garcia fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology today by finding that Scientology can enforce contracts signed by the Garcias which require them to take their disputes to the church’s internal arbitration.

Whittemore made that decision while acknowledging that never, in […]

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Scientology posts the (nearly) full deposition of reclusive ‘Justice Chief’ Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis [Photo by Doug Owens]

Our fevered brain is still keeping us hunkered down in the Bunker. The cats are mixing up some nasty-smelling elixirs they swear will make us well. We think they just enjoy seeing us suffer.

Anyway, we only have energy for another short post today, and we apologize if it […]

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HBO moves back ‘Going Clear’ to March 29 and TV’s most coveted spot: Sunday night

In a move that signals how much HBO thinks of Alex Gibney’s new documentary ‘Going Clear’ after its Sundance Film Festival premiere, the network has moved its airing from March 16 to March 29.

HBO is under heavy pressure from the Church of Scientology, which has tried to spoil the film’s arrival with full-page newspaper […]

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