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Scientology opened a new ‘Ideal Org’ in Harlem, and we weren’t made to feel very welcome

  If you think about it, it’s kind of amazing. Eight years ago — eight years — the Church of Scientology finished purchasing two buildings on 125th Street in East Harlem as part of its “Ideal Org” program. (They had actually started buying the lots in 2003, 13 years ago, for a total of […]

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Arlene Cordova, 1933-2016: In her 80s, she took on Scientology and reunited with her daughter

[Barbara Cordova Oliver, before she became ill]

It’s been a while since we checked in with Arlene Cordova about her daughter Barbara, and so we called her yesterday only to learn some unhappy news. We were unaware that Arlene had died last week, on July 22, at the age of 83. It was Barbara who […]

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Hungarian tabloid’s wacky claim: Shit poured on Scientology’s leader in Budapest protest

  We’ve heard from three of our Hungarian readers who each brought to our attention a rather astounding story that appeared in an online scandal sheet known as “RiPost” about this past weekend’s Scientology “Ideal Org” opening in Budapest.

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Scientology’s ‘Ideal’ program really reaching at this point as it eyes a city without an org

  Houston, Texas is now the fourth-largest city in the United States, and with 2.2 million people, it’s only outdone by New York (8.5 million), Los Angeles (3.9 million), and Chicago (2.7 million).

Yet, despite that size and rank, Houston only rates a Scientology mission, and not an org.

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Scientology stealth opening: Tomorrow, David Miscavige will dedicate two buildings in Florida

[The West Coast Building on Fort Harrison Ave. Photos by Mark Bunker.]

Scientology leader David Miscavige is getting more and more sneaky about his grand openings, and this time we caught him just in time.

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Wacky scenes from Scientology’s ‘Battlefield Earth’ launch on Hollywood Boulevard

[Phil Jones, right, is told what a failure he is by Scientologists at yesterday’s event]

Hit by another tsunami of bad press, this time over the May publication of Ron Miscavige’s bestselling book Ruthless, Ron’s son, Scientology leader David Miscavige, is hitting back with his own grab for media attention — by bringing out a […]

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Karla Zamudio on Scientology, and capturing Marc and Claire Headley in the short film ‘Escape’

[Alexandra Bayless and Karla Zamudio in ‘Escape’]

On Saturday, Karla Zamudio and Rachael Meyers screened their 15-minute student film, Escape, for a private audience in Los Angeles that included Spanky Taylor, who had been featured in Alex Gibney’s documentary about Scientology, Going Clear.

Escape is also about Scientology, specifically the story of how Marc and […]

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More signs of the apocalypse for the Church of Scientology’s bitter-enders

  On Monday we discussed Chick Corea and how such a jazz great seems destined to be among the very last to give up his superhuman dreams under the influence of L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology.

But these days, the signs of desperation among the bitter-enders hanging on as Scientology […]

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Hold your horses! We can tell you who were the big celebs at Scientology’s grand opening

  Over the last couple of days, we’ve all seen a lot of photographs from the big Scientology grand opening of its new media center in Los Angeles. Some of our readers were snapping photos outside of the event and came up with some revealing looks at all the security the church had in […]

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Will Scientology’s celebrities heed the call and show up for today’s big media center opening?

[Kelly Preston, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise at the 2013 Super Power grand opening in Florida]

We hope to be hearing from several of our readers who will be on the scene today as Scientology has its latest grand opening, this time in Los Angeles for what is the most unusual and anticipated opening of […]

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