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Michael Lewis (Johnny’s Dad) Scheduled for Scientology Event Tonight

We can only hope that Michael Lewis — Operating Thetan Level Eight and Homo Novis √úbermensch — will see fit to cancel his appearance at a scheduled “Admin Scale Workshop” that is scheduled for Scientologists at the Advanced Org Los Angeles tonight at 6 pm.

Lewis is a gung-ho Hubbard enthusiast, and helps run a […]

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Johnny Lewis Vying with Luka Magnotta for Title of Wackiest Scientology Madman

Johnny v. Luka: Who’s nuttier?

We were intrigued when we learned that several years ago, Canadian murder-dismemberment suspect Luka Magnotta had professed to be a Scientologist, and wrote in a blog post, “I wished every night that Tom Cruise would adopt me.”

As far as we could tell, however, Magnotta’s actual involvement with Scientology was […]

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