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What Adrian Chen got wrong about Anonymous and Scientology

Former Gawker writer Adrian Chen has a long and contentious history with the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. We’re not really very interested in that backstory (though a recent article shows that it’s pretty juicy). And we’re also not all that interested in the drubbing that Chen gave last week to McGill University professor Gabriella […]

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Meet the Man Behind WWP, the Web Home of Anonymous and Project Chanology


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Lewis Black Calls Times Square Anti-Scientology Demonstration “Best. Protest. Ever.”

Friday afternoon, we heard from the local Anonymous folks that the theatrical debut of a documentary featuring several of them was showing in town.

We attended, and had a great time watching We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists. Director Brian Knappenberger was on hand to answer questions afterwards, as were some of the […]

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