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—————- In anticipation of her biggest day in court yet, Laura DeCrescenzo and her attorneys hit the Church of Scientology with 928 pages of new filings —————- Details from 18,000 pages of evidence show how Scientology manipulated a child to keep her working under slave-like conditions —————- A key document describing DeCrescenzo’s unwillingness to have her coerced abortion is missing from the evidence Scientology was ordered to produce By Tony Ortega Wednesday afternoon, Laura DeCrescenzo filed explosive new information in her four-year legal odyssey against the Church of Scientology, submitting 928 pages of new declarations and exhibits in anticipation of a crucial October 23 hearing in her lawsuit against the church which alleges abuse, including allegations that she was forced to have an abortion at only 17 years of age. Key to the new filings is information gleaned from thousands of pages of previously secret files that the church fought mightily to keep under wraps. But on Monday, the U.

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Lewis Black Calls Times Square Anti-Scientology Demonstration “Best. Protest. Ever.”

Friday afternoon, we heard from the local Anonymous folks that the theatrical debut of a documentary featuring several of them was showing in town.

We attended, and had a great time watching We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists. Director Brian Knappenberger was on hand to answer questions afterwards, as were some of the New York Anons featured in it: Vendetta, SethDood, and PokeAnon, who we have frequently seen at protests on 46th Street across from the Scientology org.

Poke announced that night that there would be a “raid” on Scientology the following night, Saturday. But we had other plans and couldn’t go. Someone who did appreciate Saturday’s demonstration turned out to be comedian Lewis Black, who announced on his Facebook that it was the “Best. Protest. Ever.”


Black was starring in an eight-night, one-man show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre across from the local Scientology church. (Sadly, that Saturday night was the show’s last before he took it on the road).

Earlier today, he posted on Facebook a photo of the Anonymous protest with the words “Best. Protest. Ever.” and then another photo with these words…

Another one…these guys were hilarious and spot on. Happy to have them outside the theater.

Black, of course, has little patience for religion of any kind, so it’s not a surprise that he appreciated the efforts of the NY Anons, who are still going relatively strong after protests in front of the org began more than four years ago, in February 2008.

We Are Legion features that initial New York demonstration as it tells the larger history of “hacktivism” in a compelling feature-length documentary. The New York Anons particularly distinguish themselves.

We could have used some footage of the really clever Anonymous protests that have happened in places like SF and Germany, and, frankly, we could have used a little less of writer Barrett Brown, who needs to dial back on the Tom Wolfe affectation.

But in all, We Are Legion was put together well, and featured intriguing interviews with people like Gregg Housh (who helped create the 2008 Anonymous video, “Message to Scientology“) and professor Gabriella Coleman of McGill University.

Knappenberger indicated that We Are Legion will be available in several formats, so order a copy today!

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  • http://twitter.com/Julie_Kanon Julie_Kanon (@Julie_Kanon)

    Thanks Tony, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I’ve enjoyed all you articles on scientology and truly believe in what your doing. Keep it up and can’t wait for the book. ~Stay safe :)

  • http://skippress.wordpress.com skippress

    I’m not sure who I love more, Anonymous or Tony Ortega. Wait, I know – it’s everyone fighting to rid the Earth of the scourge of $cientology! Which now includes Lewis “Hilarious” Black. God bless all of you, and if you don’t believe in that, Nature bless all of you, or the blessor of your choosing.

    • PeggyToo

      AMEN to that Skip!!!!

      • Tory Christman

        I second that Amen, Skip and PeggyToo :)

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Love, love, love Anons, but New York Anons are U-Neek! Lewis Black, though, is the cherry on top of the sundae! Can’t wait to see the docu.

  • http://milaminderbinder.wordpress.com milaminderbinder

    I am glad that Lewis “no patience for religion” Black replaced the boring Porgy and Bess folks. They always looked bewildered when seeing the anti-Scientology protests.

    • http://skippress.wordpress.com skippress

      Probably didn’t have the proper signs to give them context. I would have, for example, done on that said: Miscaviage, You Is My Bitch Now!

    • http://gravatar.com/thenextmrstomcruise thenextmrstomcruise

      Dammit! My Guy Fawkes mask finally arrives, and Anon switches to Construction worker hats! It’s so hard to keep up!

      • http://ortegaunderground.wordpress.com ortegaunderground

        Ha! In New York, a city ordinance prevents them from wearing Guy Fawkes masks (or any other kind). So they get creative. Next month it’s a fancy dress ball.

        • http://gravatar.com/thenextmrstomcruise thenextmrstomcruise

          Thanks TO! Good to know. Wonder if I can sew Guy Fawkes faces all over my evening gown?

          • http://poisonivyherself.wordpress.com poisonivyherself

            It would be fun going to an Anonymous protest. I didn’t know they were still so regular.

  • Capt. Howdy
    • http://ortegaunderground.wordpress.com ortegaunderground

      Thanks, Cap’n!

      • Capt. Howdy

        No problem. It’s the least I can do, literally.

    • Tory Christman

      What’s your take on Scientology? A good answer: “Anything Tom Cruise believes in, I don’t have time for”. :) He’s Funny!

  • http://venusamaris.wordpress.com Chocolate Velvet

    Lewis Black ROCKS!

  • WhereIsSHE

    Major props to Anonymous, and gratitude to Lewis Black!
    Thanks for reporting on this, Tony, because (for reasons I can’t imagine), I am not hooked into Lewis Black’s FB page.

    Off topic:
    Tony- I only hope you saw LB’s most recent appearance on the Daily Show, wherein he took Lance Armstrong to task, and then used it as a springboard to take the American penchant for implausible denial to task. (I know how you–like me and countless others–were super fans of Lance, the incredible Tour performances, one after the other, after the other, after the other, and so on….until we had a reality adjustment.)

    I only commented publicly, HERE, about it, because, in a way, it relates.
    Fake Super Powers=B.S., no matter how you slice and/or dice ‘em.

    But seriously…
    Lewis Black is hilarious!

    • http://poisonivyherself.wordpress.com poisonivyherself

      Very upsetting about Lance Armstrong. The subterfuge of being able to pull off the secret scam for so long – and all his so very convincing denials – makes it much more so than if he’d just cheated and been caught and fessed up to it. I wonder how he justified it to himself.

  • sugarplumfairy32

    Lol.. I’ve always imagined OT8isGrrrr8 to be Lewis Black..or someone a LOT like him..

  • http://reaching4.info JustCallMeMary

    Glad to see Lewis’ support! NY protesters are some of the best!!
    I saw the documentary and it was excellent. One can see it on the internet as well as by DVD. Don’t miss it!

    • Tory Christman

      I agree: Don’t miss it! I saw it here in Pasadena—it’s there all week at the Laemmle In Pasadena. The day I saw it, the Producer was there for a 30 minute Q and A which was excellent, too. ROCK ON!

  • KimberlyinOklahoma

    New York Anons rock & so does Lewis Black! Can’t wait to get my hands on the documentary! Keep protesting!!!!!

  • N. Graham

    I think the title of Mr. Black’s show, “Running on Empty” should actually be displayed on the Scientology building, since it is so apt.
    I wonder if they could get Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” to play there next and give all the Scientologists free tickets.

  • http://gravatar.com/dodothelaser dodothelaser
    • http://poisonivyherself.wordpress.com poisonivyherself

      Always nice to see you Dodo! :-)

  • http://gravatar.com/thenextmrstomcruise thenextmrstomcruise

    One of the commenters on LB’s FB page posted:
    “Knock ‘em dead. They’ll reincarnate.”
    I loved that as much as I loved LB and the Anons.
    Well done!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That’s a Grrrrrr8 line!

  • 309temporary

    I would see this just to cheer on the NY Anons. Good tip, there. We all protest in our own way, and yet watching their vids (thanks, sethdood!) always reminds me of what undiluted, Best-In-Show Anonymous looks like.

  • Peter A. Sagi

    Once the Cof$ is taken down, I sincerely hope the next target is the TSA.


    • http://skippress.wordpress.com skippress

      Well, they’re pulling the naked body scanners in major airports. Now maybe they’ll install brains in some of the personnel. http://www.cnbc.com/id/49517858

  • Brandon Roberts

    wow i actually agree with lewis black on something no offense to him funny comedian